Fleming’s Right Hand Rule Application | Electrical Machines | EE

Real Life Application It can be applied to any Electrical machine like DC generator, Induction motor, Synchronous generator.   Explanation To understand all the Electrical Machines with clarity it’s important to have basic idea of the relation between Electric Current and Magnetic Field Relations between Electric Current and Magnetic Field:
  1. A steady current produces a steady magnetic field.(Given by Hans Orsted in 1819)
  2. A steady magnetic field cannot produce a current. (Failed experiment of Michael Faraday).
  3. A steady magnetic field can produce current in a moving conductor loop. (Michael Faraday).
  4. A changing magnetic field can produce current in a steady conductor loop. (Michael Faraday).
  5. A current carrying conductor will experience force when it is present in a steady magnetic field. (Michael Faraday).
The above relationships led to establishment of the most important laws of Electrical Engineering namely Ampere’s Law, Biot-Savart’s law, Faraday’s Law.
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