Basics of Synchronous Machine | Electrical Machines | EE

Real Life Application The primary supply of all the world's electrical energy is generated in three phase synchronous generators using machines with power ratings up to 1500 MW or more. The ability to control power factor makes them an attractive choice. As Synchronous condenser: by varying excitation it can made to operate on lagging or leading power factor. So, it can be used for power factor improvement at load side. Explanation To understand the concept with clarity it’s important to have basic idea of Rotational Magnetic Field, which is explained in the previous video sessions. The armature reactions of synchronous machine are explained in this video. The video is oriented towards GATE course. Mainly the understanding of phasor diagrams of Synchronous generator and Synchronous motor is explained. Also the derivation of Excitation emf and power equation is show which is very important for GATE exam. The reactive power that is delivered by the generator and absorbed by the motor can be lagging or leading, depending upon their excitation (over excited or under excited).
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