Analysis of Orthogonal – Machining – Manufacturing Technology ME


Real life Application- The analysis in orthogonal machining helps in determining the power required for machining, the rigidity of machine tool, the temperature induced and hence the hot hardness temperature, and eventually the quality of production. Explanation- The orthogonal cutting operation is the one where in the cutting edge is perpendicular to the cutting velocity Assumption: 1. The tool is perfectly sharp 2. The surface where shear occur in a plane 3. The cutting edge is a straight line perpendicular to the motion. 4. The chip does not an either sides. 5. Uncut chip thickness is constant. 6. Width of the tool is greater than that of work piece. 7. A continuous chip is produced without BUE. 8. Work moves with uniform velocity 9. The stresses on the shear plane are uniformly distributed. Velocities: Whereas rest are unmeasurable and they occur in a dynamic environment. Thus, there is a need of establishing a relationship between them. This can be done using a graphical approach called Merchant’s Circle, by representing the forces with lines indicating their magnitude through the length and direction.
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